Ball and Roller Bearings

Available in single row and double row designs with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with polyamide, sheet steel or brass cages. Single row versions are available in X-Life quality. Open and sealed versions available.
Single row, self-aligning roller bearings. They comprise solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings with two ribs and a cylindrical or tapered bore and barrel rollers with cages. The bearings cannot be dismantled.
Cylindrical bearings provide the highest possible radial load capacity compared to other roller bearing types.  The most common variants of cylindrical rollers are;

  • Cylindrical Roller Bearing with cages Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are units comprising solid inner and outer rings together with cylindrical roller and cage assemblies. The outer rings have rigid ribs on both sides or are without ribs, the inner rings have one or two rigid ribs or are designed without ribs. The cage prevents the cylindrical rollers coming into contact with each other during rolling.
  • Full complement cylindrical roller bearings have solid inner and outer rings and rib-guided cylindrical rollers. Since these bearings have the largest possible number of rolling elements, they have extremely high radial load carrying capacity, high rigidity and are suitable for particularly compact designs.
  • Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Deep groove ball bearings are versatile, self-retaining bearings with solid outer rings, inner rings and ball and cage assemblies. These products are of simple design, durable in operation and easy to maintain; they are available in single and double row designs and and in open and sealed variants.
Needle roller and cage assemblies are single or double row units comprising cages and needle rollers.  Since their radial section is no greater than the diameter of the needle rollers, needle roller and cage assemblies allow bearing arrangements with a very small radial design envelope to be achieved. They have very high load carrying capacity, are suitable for high speeds and can be easily fitted.
Available in a wide range of designs and materials to suit light to heavy duty mechanical applications, requiring low friction and good wear resistance. Male and female rodend bearings are available with either metric or imperial threads and bore sizes, right or left handed threads and with threaded studs. We offer a wide choice of bearing liners, including GR-nylon, polyurethane, bronze and PTFE offering maintenance free options, suitable for high precision motion transfer applications and extended life. Metric rod end bearings are based on DIN 648 specifications and imperial rod ends are based on SAE J1120 specification.
Self-aligning ball bearings are double row, self-retaining units comprising solid outer rings with a concave raceway, inner rings with a cylindrical or tapered bore and ball and cage assemblies. The bearings are available in open and sealed versions
Single row angular contact ball bearings comprising solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with solid window cages. They cannot be dismantled. The bearings are available in open and sealed versions.
Available in a wide range of designs and materials, we offer a wide choice of bearing liners, GR-nylon, polyurethane, bronze and PTFE to suit light to heavy duty industrial/mechanical applications, requiring low friction and good wear resistance.
Double row, self-retaining units comprising solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings and barrel rollers with cages. The inner rings with cylindrical or tapered bores.  The symmetrical barrel rollers freely align themselves to the concave outer ring raceway. As a result, shaft deflections and misalignments of the bearing seats are compensated.
Support axial loads from one direction and high radial loads. The arrangement consists of solid inner and outer rings with tapered rollers with cages. Taper roller bearings are not self supporting and are normally axially adjusted against a second bearing fitted in a mirror image arrangement. Bearings manufactured from special material can be offered for use under extreme conditions.

Housed Bearing Units

Housed bearing units are designed with ball, tapered and spherical bearings.  most housed units are available with enhancements like seals, lubricants and housing covers to suit a large number of applications. Reliance will help you choose the right combination of bearings and accessories to extend bearing life, reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Designed specifically for use in demanding heavy duty applications across a wide range of industries.
Extra solid base pillow blocks are designed to a more stable mounting for heavy vibrating applications
Heavy shock loads can wreak havoc on bearings by loosening the locking mechanism and damaging components.
The Patented FYH Ball Point Set Screw is a one piece ball point set screw designed to expand the threads of the screw as the point of the screw contracts the surface of the shaft
Designed for applications that require bearing units to be used at a hihger or lower temperature than standard bearings.
Corrosion resistant bearings are available in many material and sizes and also can be customised to the users specification.
Air Handling units are designed specifically for hte rigours of highly demanding HVAC and air handling applications
Used in a wide variety of industries from food processing to mining, dust resistant units consists of a variety of supplemental sealing options that function extremely well in the exclusion of foreign matters.
Solid Block Spherical Housed units are available in a wide range of locking styles and housings, these solid-block housed units offer protection from contaminants, particularly when used with the many available advanced primary and secondary seal options.
Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Blocks help improve the reliability and performance of applications in harsh operating environments – resulting in lower maintenance costs, optimized performance, increased uptime and an overall lower cost of ownership.
Backside guards extend the life of your bearing protecting them from dust or water, guards come with or without a drain slot depending on the application requirements.
Manufacturers require machine tools that are extremely accurate, reliable and capable of high levels of productivity. A major contribution to the performance of any machine tool is supplied by the rolling bearings used to support the spindles, rotating tables, ball screws and other critical precision positions.
While based on standard configurations, aerospace bearings are designed to meet the unique requirements of the aerospace industry.  INA and Timken offer an extensive Aerospace range designed to meet the extremes of temperature, heavy loads and exacting requirements of the Aerospace industry.
Bushes are commonly Sintered or Wrapped.
Track rollers (also known as cam followers) are characterized by thick-walled outer rings that run directly on a track. This permits high load-carrying capability while minimizing distortion and bending stresses.