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Mini Cylinders 10-25mm Dia.
Double Acting Cylinder
Air/Pilot Operated Valves
Solenoid Operated Valves
Plunger & Button Valves
Roller Type Valves
Push-Pull Valves
Lever Type Valves
Foot Actuated Valves
Hosetails BRASS
Hosetails PLASTIC
Combination Nipples & Joiners

Threaded Adaptors BRASS
Blanking Plugs
Threaded Adaptors PLASTIC
Distribution Manifolds
Rotary Unions
Silencers & Mufflers
Washers & Seals
Metric Push-in Fittings – Plastic
Metric Push-in Fittings Nickel Plated
Metric Push-in Fittings All Nickel Brass
Metric Push-in Fittings – Stainless Steel
Metric Push-in Fittings – Food Grade

Imperial Push-in Fittings – Plastic
Metric Push-in Fittings – 150Bar
Distribution Manifolds
Finger-tight Tube Fittings
Metric Compression Tube Fittings Nickel Plated
Imperial Compression Tube Fittings – Brass
Metric Compression Tube Fittings Brass
Rotary Screw Compressors
Direct drive compressors
Piston Compressors